Available Production Director Position

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South Lebanon Community Church

Production Director (Full Time Position)

Interested individuals are encouraged to send a resume to davidsuperdock@slcc.faith.

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Job Description

 Work in partnership with the Pastoral staff, worship leader, church staff, music and worship ministry team and elders to provide worship services and other events that glorify Jesus Christ and provide an atmosphere that encourages and promotes worship for the congregation. 


Primary Responsibilities

  • Lead the operation of AVL systems for Sunday services (8:30, 9:30, and 10:45) and other church events.
  • Audio
  • Manage the FOH sound position at services and other church events.
  • Develop a position that handles mixing of live broadcast audio.
  • Record and mix down services for upload in conjunction with the Worship Leader.
  • Video
  • Manage the presentation software used during services and events.
  • Manage the video sources that go online in live and recorded media.
  • Further develop our video capabilities for a more dynamic worship experience.
  • Produce special video segments for announcements, church ministry teams, and other church events.
  • Edit recordings of worship services for online use.
  • Lighting/Stage Design
  • Creatively develop lighting capabilities for church services and events
  • Create and manage stage set designs and updates in conjunction with the Worship Leader
  • Lead a team of volunteers that uses technology to aid in the worship of the church.
  • Recruit and develop volunteers for various tech positions as needed.
  • Create opportunities to train and mentor volunteers in their production skills.
  • Use planning center to organize and schedule volunteers.
  • Be present at weekly staff meetings.
  • Be present at worship team rehearsals on Thursday evenings.
  • Manage inventory and organization of AVL equipment in conjunction with the Worship Leader.
  • Prepare and set up any equipment prior to services and events as needed.
  • Tear down and put away any equipment following services and events as needed.
  • Manage the tech budget, identifying areas that need upgrades and further investment.


Additional Responsibilities

  • Provide sound for non-church events like funerals, weddings, and banquets as needed.    Compensation for these events is provided by those holding the event.
  • Oversee other technical needs of the church including computer systems, website, and social media platforms. 


Job Qualifications/Skills

  • A clear testimony of faith in Jesus Christ
  • Affirm and uphold the South Lebanon Community Church Affirmation of Faith and Practice
  • A knowledge and comfort with all areas of production including video, lighting, presentation, etc.
  • Experience mixing FOH sound in a band setting
  • Experience managing video feeds and producing video content
  • Knowledge and comfort with other production software (presentation, lighting, DAWs) as well as Planning Center Services
  • Candidate will need to complete all clearances related to the South Lebanon Community Church Child Protection Policy (includes child abuse clearance, criminal background clearance and FBI fingerprinting clearance) prior to serving in this position


Reporting Structure and Accountability

The Production Director will be accountable to the worship leader and pastoral staff.


Time Commitment and Compensation

  • Full Time
  • Competitive salary based upon expertise and experience.