Available Youth Pastor Position

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South Lebanon Community Church Youth Pastor / Director

Please email your resume to slccyouthpastor@slcc.faith

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Job Summary

The Youth Pastor / Director will lead South Lebanon Community Church youth ministries (grades 6-12) in alignment with SLCC’s vision to bring the hope of Jesus to the Lebanon Community and beyond; to be shaped by God’s word; to serve neighbors near and far; to be a place to call home for everyone – all for the glory of God! The Youth Pastor / Director will provide innovative and effective leadership of the development and implementation of all aspects of SLCC youth ministries.


• Oversee Sunday School program and weekly Bible Studies for the youth.

• Develop and/or deploy Christ-centered curriculum that meaningfully engages youth in age-appropriate formats.

• Create and/or implement new strategies for the youth ministry

• Serve as the point person on the staff for managing and leading all youth events, retreats, mission trips, and other activities outside of regular weekly ministry.

• Work with other ministries of SLCC to develop and facilitate seamless transitions for children moving from elementary school to Middle School to High School and to Post-High School.

• Recruit, manage, develop, and direct a team of volunteers for all elements of the youth ministry.

• Effectively communicate with and support the families of the youth, partnering with the families to help them in the discipleship process of the youth.

• Develop strategies to reach families not currently involved in the youth ministry.

• Be willing to assist volunteers and students to navigate areas of conflict and differences in positive ways that promote unity and cooperation.

• Foster within the youth group a culture where everyone is welcome and provide welcoming follow-up to families with youth that visit SLCC.

• Develop and establish ways to encourage and facilitate youth engagement in gospel ministry to the community, particularly bringing the hope of Jesus to students within their sphere of influence.

• Personally connect with students, teachers, administration in local schools to foster a relationship between SLCC and local schools / organizations that influence the youth in our community.

Additional responsibilities:

• Lead meetings for youth ministry volunteers.

• Prepare supplies and spaces for volunteers and students.

• Ensure safety and security of all youth while participating in SLCC activities, including ensuring all volunteers meet and maintain clearances as laid out by the SLCC Child Protection Policy.

• Oversee annual youth ministry budget. • Meet regularly with the Pastoral Staff and other staff as appropriate.

• Provide monthly report to elder team. • Administer the ordinances of the church (as appropriate).

Key Competencies and Qualifications

We are looking for an individual with a clear, growing relationship with God in Jesus Christ, a genuine love for young people, and a passion for truth who will strongly equip our youth to boldly face the challenges in this world and to profoundly impact their communities with the truth and love of Jesus. Experience in youth ministry is preferred.

• A clear testimony of faith in Jesus Christ for salvation • A vibrant, growing personal relationship with God as evidenced through consistent, regular study of the Bible and a vital prayer life

• Godly character and a life that is above reproach with the ability to serve as a spiritual role model for the youth by demonstrating a commitment to Jesus Christ and spiritual maturity (I Timothy 3, Titus 1)

• A clear understanding of God’s truth and a steadfast commitment to it no matter the cost

• Ability to effectively communicate and teach Biblical truth, leading people in discovering God in His Word

• A passion for developing a youth ministry that facilitates the faith development of the youth and their families

• Ability to disciple others, particularly volunteers in the youth ministry and the youth

• Ability to cast vision for youth ministry and lead others in accomplishing the vision

• Ability to serve and to lead with a professional and positive team spirit that supports the core values of SLCC

• Excellent communication and coordination skills with ability to work ahead, plan, organize and delegate well

• Willing to take initiative, self-motivated, and actively engaged in continuing professional and personal growth

• Ability to remain calm in tough situations and critically evaluate positive solutions

• Maintain a healthy balance between ministry and personal life • Affirm and uphold the South Lebanon Community Church Affirmation of Faith and Practice

• Experience in Youth Ministry preferred

• Education in field of study related to Youth Ministry a plus

• Aspire and commit to continued education and pastoral/ministry growth as prescribed by the leadership team

• All required FBI, State Police, and Child Abuse clearances must be completed before work begins (consistent with South Lebanon Community Church Child Protection Policy) 

Reporting Structure, Working Hours, Evaluations and Accountability

  • The Youth Pastor / Director at South Lebanon Community Church will report to the Administrative Pastor and be accountable to the Elder Ministry Team.
  • Expected availability / working hours: 40-50 hours / week
  • An evaluation will be completed within the 1st year of employment and will include input from the Elder Ministry Team, SLCC staff members, the youth volunteers, the youth, and members of the congregation.
  • The Youth Pastor / Director will be expected to cooperatively participate in the following elements of accountability established at South Lebanon Community Church.
  • Pastoral / Staff Care Group: To provide accountability and encouragement
  • 1-3 people of the Pastor / Director’s choosing
  • Meet 3-4 times a year with the care group. The care group will report to the Lead Elder at least annually and as necessary if issues arise that require action
  • Internal Accountability Team: To facilitate Biblical accountability of leadership within the church
  • 3-member team of spiritually mature members of the congregation
  • Meet at least 2 times a year to discuss any issues, conflicts, areas of concern with leadership or the congregation
  • External Accountability: To facilitate Biblical accountability of leadership within the church
  • External consultant
  • Meet at least annually to determine if there are any issues developing within in the leadership of the church that should be addressed. Consultant will report out to Lead Elder annually and as necessary.

Proposed Compensation & Benefits Package

• Annual Salary (2022): TBD based on experience and education

• Health Insurance: Coverage provided for individual and family (as applicable)

• Vacation: 3 weeks / year (subject to review)

• Professional growth / continuing education: $1,000 / year minimum (subject to yearly review) • Pension: TBD

• Mileage reimbursement: As appropriate (if eligible as an ordained pastor)

• Housing allowance permitted (if eligible as an ordained pastor)