I Would Like To Serve

If you would like to serve, please let us know where you would like to serve or where your gifts are. We are all called to serve the Lord in different areas and different ways. God give each of us different gifts, skills, and passions. If you are willing to help serve the Lord through SLCC, please let someone on staff know, download, print, and fill out one of these forms and put it in one of the staff mailboxes.

Team For Christ


Spiritual Gifts Survey

Do you know that every Believer has been given a spiritual gift by the Holy Spirit? Have you ever wondered what spiritual gift(s) you have been given? Take the Team Ministry Spiritual Gifts Survey to learn how you are uniquely gifted and created by God, and how to use these gifts to serve Him and serve others. You can access this free, easy to complete online Spiritual Gifts Survey by clicking

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