24/7 Prayer Line

Intercessory prayer is the act of praying on behalf of others. Throughout scripture, God's people are encouraged to intercede or pray for one another.

It is the Lord's intention that the members of the Body of Christ plea for His mercy, His healing and the outpouring of His Holy Spirit on behalf of others who are experiencing injustice, suffering, or deprivation.

Having full confidence and trusting completely in His mercy, the intercessor comes before the Lord and prays through the gift of intercessory prayer for others and all their intentions before Jesus.

1. Pray for those affected by the coronavirus (sick; healthcare workers; agricultural industry; those out of work; those dealing with emotional stress) 

2. Pray for doctors, nurses, researchers, medical professionals and for their protection

3. Pray for the leaders of all nations

4. Pray that we may experience healing love

5. Pray that we would heal from our fear

6. Pray that we would heal from our pride

7. Pray the we would exalt God’s name in the world

8. Pray that the gospel would spread ahead and be honored

9. Pray for God to save unbelievers

10. Thank God for His goodness and blessings


Please call or email the church with any prayer requests or updates so we can all join in prayer together!

Note: Pastor of Visitation - Ron Good

Given the situation with the Covin-19 virus, Pastor of Visitation Ron Good will not be making in-person visits at this time. Ron will be making phone calls and is also able to arrange for an in-home / personal visit by someone in the church if this is needed. Contact Ron or the church office with such needs / requests. We encourage everyone to remember the elderly and sick at this time, pray for them and send them an encouraging note.