“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and He will establish your plans.” Prov. 16:3

Namaskar! to all our friends!

I know this update is more than a week off schedule, but we have been away for more than a week and had bad internet reception in that area. October went by so fast, it is hard to believe it is mid-November already.

I spent most of my time the first three weeks October helping with the translation work again. Some of you may be wondering what we are translating. I am helping as an proof-reader and advisor for translating a Micro-finance curriculum into the local Odiya language. It is a manual that CAM put together for their S.A.L.T. program on Savings Groups.

We had a double celebration here at our house on Oct. 15th; one for Little David’s 2nd Birthday, and at the same time for our 4th marriage anniversary. We invited friends, family, and neighbors. Around 65 people came! We don’t often get a chance to invite even local friends and thought this would be a good way to ask our Hindu neighbors over too for a chance to meet them in an informal way. A few of our Hindu neighbors even came, stayed during the blessing message and prayer, and ate here, although most of them ate a separate Vegetarian dish. 🙂

Then right after that, Marvin Kauffman (we are using their house) came on a trip over by himself. We graciously gave him a room in his own house… 🙂 For the week that he was here, I was busy again helping with their translating work, and hosting the people that were helping. The same night he left for the US, we left by bus to our fist VBS program. We were gone for more than a week, and we conducted two different programs, a VBS, and then a Widow program. I will let Susanna share about those.

Hello everyone, Susanna writing here. I thought to write and share some of my experiences here in India. As per our first update, you all know I was very sick and weak. By your prayers I was healed and it took 3-4 weeks to regain my strength back. Thanks for you prayers and notes!

It is good to be back here in India. Just as I have been praying for women, someone I can meet, talk, and pray with, God gave me two ladies to pray for and be friends. (See picture of Rupa and Susanna) They both work here in several different houses as maids, cleaning, washing, and mopping floors. I see them often as they walk from house to house. I started talking to them and found out they are from near my own childhood village. We have become friends and share with each other. Both have rough past and similar stories as their husbands left them and married again.

I am so glad our paths have crossed. It is my prayer to work for this type of women who are rejected or abandon by family and husband. I am still praying and thinking about starting a skills training school for women in this condition for them to earn some income, and through this, finding opportunities to pray, counsel, and share the Good News with them.

This month we conducted our first VBS in a village. We were not sure what to expect, but 50 children attended our weekend VBS. They were an eager bunch of children, maybe the first time they had a VBS in that area. We had a great time teaching them action songs, Bible, drawing, and games. Ages ranged from 6 to 18. Before they left, we laid our hands on them and prayed for each one. Thank you to all who financially made this possible! We are hoping to conduct another one in a different place soon.

A few days after the VBS we headed out to another village to conduct a Widows meet. About 65 widows from different surrounding villages gathered outside a small one-room village church in a tent. We had a wonderful time sharing the Good News, God’s love and serious protection for widows and orphans with them. We then shared a meal with them and gave them each a new saree. (dress) They were so happy. Many of them gave us hugs with tears running down their faces, thanking us, asking for prayer, and blessing us. We didn’t have time to hear each of their stories, but we prayed for them and their difficult lives. Again, thanks to all you made this type of gathering and blessing possible financially! See the pictures, especially the one with all their hands raised up. They are thanking and blessing you.

Back here at our house, we are making more friends with local people. I try to make time each morning for a jog around the local park. It is a good place to meet new people, or just observe and prayer walk. Susanna has made several friends already. Our little son David just seems to attract people. 🙂

A few prayer requests:

Health always seems to come up. It is hard to stay fully healthy here, especially how we travel. And when you don’t feel strong, it is hard to be motivated to go beyond the daily routine. Pray for good health.

Pray for the VBS programs. We want them to be a real, spiritual blessing to the children.

Pray for Rashmi, the leper girl I sent pictures of last month. She can’t read, and is requesting us to give her Bible Audio so she can learn more. She is also asking for a Bible for her brother! PTL

Pray for the two women Susanna has befriended, Rupa and Susanna (Yes, same name, same spelling)

Pray that I can find a trustworthy person for business advice for a possible small business here to help support the work.

We know God hears your prayers!!!

The Browns