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Upcoming Sermons

February 17 (FLC)
Message by Pastor Charlie
Title – “Is There Any Other Way?”
Scripture – Luke 22:39-46
No one wants to suffer and no one wants to think about what pain we may have to go through. Jesus knew all that was ahead and He would pray again to the Father about what He must endure. There is an example here for all of us who take the name Christian.

February 24 (Sanctuary)
Message by Pastor Charlie
Title – “A Kiss, A Sword or A Cup?”
Scripture – Luke 22:47-53
We will look at a night that will be remembered forever. A betrayal, a sword fight, and a surrender to the will of God. There is much for us to learn from this night.

March 3 (FLC)
Spring Renewal Services
Message by Ron Copenhaver

March 10 (Sanctuary)
Message by Pastor Tim

March 17 (FLC)
Message by Pastor Charlie
Title – “Then They Beat Him”
Scripture – Luke 22:63-71
The suffering begins. This message and in future messages we will look at all Jesus suffered for you and me. What a wonderful Savior!

March 24 (Sanctuary)
Message by Pastor Charlie
Title – “Not Guilty”
Scripture – Luke 23:1-16
When Jesus goes before Pilate, He is found guilty. That should have been the end but it wasn’t. Everything that Jesus went through was simply wrong, but He did it for you and for me.

March 31 (FLC)
Message by Pastor Charlie
Title – “The Power of the Crowd”
Scripture – Luke 23:18-25
It’s amazing the power a crowd of people have. We see that in this portion of scripture and we also see that in life.

April 7 (Sanctuary)
Message by Pastor Tim

April 14 (FLC)
Palm Sunday
Message by Pastor Charlie
Title – “Not the End”
Scripture – Luke 23:50-56
They put Jesus’ body in the tomb but that wasn’t the end. Someday each of us will also be buried or put in a tomb, but again, that won’t be the end. In this message we will look beyond the grave.

April 21 (Sanctuary)
Easter Sunday
Message by Pastor Charlie
Title – “He Was There All the Time”
Scripture – Luke 24:28-35
We will look at what happened that first Easter Sunday as two people walked with Jesus but they didn’t know it was Jesus. Jesus had much to say and we have much to learn.

April 28 (FLC)
Self-Examination Sunday
Message by Pastor Charlie
Title – “Real Love in Action”
Scripture – John 13:1-5
As we prepare for our Love Feast, we will look back to Jesus and His disciples at the first Love Feast and the lessons Jesus taught them and us.