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9 & 10:30am Contemporary Service
10:30am Blended Worship Service

Upcoming Sermons

April 21 (Sanctuary)
Easter Sunday
Message by Pastor Charlie
Title – “He Was There All the Time”
Scripture – Luke 24:28-35
We will look at what happened that first Easter Sunday as two people walked with Jesus but they didn’t know it was Jesus. Jesus had much to say and we have much to learn.

April 28 (FLC)
Self-Examination Sunday
Message by Pastor Charlie
Title – “Real Love in Action”
Scripture – John 13:1-5
As we prepare for our Love Feast, we will look back to Jesus and His disciples at the first Love Feast and the lessons Jesus taught them and us.

May 5 (Sanctuary)
Compassion Sunday
Message by Jere Cassel

May 12 (FLC) (Mother’s Day)
Baby Dedication
Message by Pastor Charlie
Title – “Sarah Laughed”
Scripture – Genesis 18:9-15
It is Mother’s Day and we will look at the life of Sarah as a wife and a mother. We
can learn a lot from Sarah.

May 19 (Sanctuary)
Message by Pastor Charlie
Title – “Beyond Belief”
Scripture – Luke 24:36-43
Jesus was alive and had His resurrected body. The disciples are shocked but in a
most amazing way Jesus showed them and you and I what the believer will have to look
forward to beyond the grave.

May 26 (FLC)
Message by Pastor Charlie
Title – “Can I Get a Witness?”
Scripture – Luke 24:44-49
Those who saw our Risen Savior had a responsibility to tell the world all they knew
about Jesus and what they saw with their own eyes. We also have a responsibility to be
a witness to the world about what Jesus did in our life.

June 3 (FLC)
High School Graduation Sunday
Message by Pastor Charlie
Title – “If You Lead Them Astray”
Scripture – Luke 17:1-4
In these four verses, Jesus gives a very clear warning that we better not lead anyone astray. What we say, and how we live and teach is very important.

June 10 (Sanctuary)
Children’s Day in Sanctuary
Family Day Picnic in FLC
Message by Pastor Charlie
Title – “You Forgot To Say Thank-You”
Scripture – Luke 17:11-18
Do we say thank-you when someone does something for us? Do we say thank-you to the Lord for all He
does for us? We will look at 9 men who didn’t say thank-you.

June 17 (FLC)
Father’s Day
Consecration Prayer for Youth Mission Trip
Message by Pastor Charlie
Title – “The Carpenter’s Son”
Scripture – Matthew 13:53-58
In this message we will look at the responsibility Joseph had in the care of Jesus. There are many lessons for us as fathers to learn and as children many things to thank our fathers for.

June 24 (Sanctuary)
Message by Ron Brubaker