Sunday School

Sunday School is a big deal at SLCC! We have a Christian Education team that desires and works hard to provide Sunday School classes that will meet the spiritual needs of everyone. We offer Sunday School classes for children age 2 through adult on Sunday mornings at 9:40AM. We invite you to join us in a Sunday School class to see how your life will be enriched and your faith challenged as you study God’s Word with other believers in Christ. Keep reading to learn more specific details about our Sunday School program.

Children & Youth Sunday School:

Children’s Sunday School:

We believe that children are an important part of our church! Because of that we offer a dynamic age based Sunday School for children age 2 to 5th grade. Our Sunday School teachers are committed to accurately sharing from God’s Word every Sunday because it is our desire to see the children learn from and about the eternal truths found in the Bible. We also know that many individuals trust Jesus as their Savior as a child. Because of that we also desire to see every child begin a relationship with Jesus and grow in it as they attend Sunday School.


Youth Sunday School

Teens today need to know how to navigate the challenging issues of the culture they live in. We want to help them because they are important to us. Every Sunday the teens in grades 6-12 open up their Bible’s and study how to practically and effectively use God’s Word to navigate the culture they are living in. There is a class for teens in grades 6 &7 and a class for teens in grades 8-12. Both groups are studying and gaining practical life application from the same Biblically based curriculum taught to them by adults who care deeply about them. It is our desire to see that every teen has a relationship with Jesus. It is also our desire to see every teen grow in that relationship so that they will become mature in their faith.


Youth Lesson

Adult Sunday School

The Christian Education team is committed to providing Sunday School classes and electives that will provide adults of every age with challenging, thought provoking, and practical studies that will impact their lives.  Our teachers are committed to accurately sharing truth from the Bible and desire to see adults discipled  in their faith.  These classes also provide a good opportunity for adults to develop relationships with each other in a smaller group atmosphere.   Our adult classes run on a quarterly basis.  This allows individuals to choose the class or elective that they think will be most interesting and beneficial to them.

Here is the list of electives that will run from September 2023 through November 2023.

Kids Sunday School

Men's Class: God has a definite design and a standard for godly men to follow. True masculinity is NOT measured by strength, wealth or position, but by Biblical qualities drawn from Titus and 1 Timothy, which are the model and means to ensure Godly manhood to all who will embrace them.

Women's Class: "Don't Give the Enemy a Seat at Your Table," by Louie Giglio

Book of the Bible (Sanctuary): This study will help you simplify God's Word and uncover what it means to you! Studying the Bible doesn't need to feel overwhelming. The Book of the Bible offers an appealing and motivating approach to diving into God's Word in a way that is simple, approachable, and impactful. This study will help you understand how to grow deeper and build a firm foundation in your faith.


Post High School Singles (Room to be announced): Singles ages 18-29 are invited to come and study God’s Word as we connect to Christ and to one another. Study will be "The Awe of God" by John Bevere.

Explore the Bible (Choir Room and Room 210): Join us as we grow together in God's Word one book at a time, and learn how to know, love, and invest in God's truth.

Discover SLCC Class (Library): This class is an in depth look at our Affirmation of Faith and Practice and will help you understand what we believe and how we function as a church. We will also talk about spiritual gifts and help you to identify what your gifts may be. You will also be introduced to the SLCC ministry teams and discover ways you can participate and serve here at South Lebanon Community Church.